WPF is dead!

Thats what I was told when I announced my focus would be on WPF this year. It’s a sentiment shared by quite a few people it seems, but let’s take a look at some facts;


Some people feel that the demise of Silverlight means WPF is going the same way. I think it is important now more than ever that developers have a good grasp on the principles of WPF and a firm understanding of MVVM. Therefore I say “WPF is NOT dead”.

So what does that mean for the WinForms guy? and how do you get started with WPF? there are many questions that can be raised, and in some cases the answers raise more. But if you are anything like me, the minute you need a desktop application you reach for ‘old faithful’, the gun metal grey, proven event driven project we’ve come to love and trust.

Well friends, it’s time to move outside your and my comfort zone, it’s time to look at the next generation (yes, yes, I know it’s been around since 2006) of desktop development, it’s time to get started with WPF.

Over the next few months I’m going to be presenting a series of webinars on how to get started with WPF including; what are the benefits of using WPF?  what are the challenges?

Beginning this week with a two part primer explaining what it’s all about. Use this link to register and see what all the fuss is about!

3 thoughts on “WPF is dead!

  1. I’ve been sticking to my guns for several years now. I just thoroughly enjoy the development experience of XAML, C#, and VS tools. I only hope that people recognize how broke web browsers truely are based on their intent versus what they deliver and the overhead for maintaining them. XAML Rocks!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Valdimar Thor says:

    I just watched the WPF primer 1 and 2 and it’s very good….but I want more, much more 🙂
    For the next episodes I would like something like:
    More in-depth DX MVVM
    How to use the DX MVVM Services
    Advanced navigation (this is a MUST)
    The use of IOC frameworks together with DX MVVM and Navigation
    How to use ViewModels with parameterized constructors
    Less autogenerated code and more from scratch 🙂 (UIs are now more smart/thin clients)
    Maybe something like the ASP.NET DX Hotels website but for WPF
    Maybe in the near future, mix and match DX with PRISM

    I really hope to see more WPF/XAML videos from you guys and girls from Devexpress

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