Previously a Microsoft Azure MVP, I am the Australian Technical Evangelist for Developer Express (www.devexpress.com), sharing with developers the powerful toolsets allowing rapid development across all mainstream technologies.

My spare time is taken up with researching emerging technologies, building Lego models, playing the Tuba and as of 2018, MMA Cage Fights!

From humble beginnings at the ripe old age of 8, I discovered that by interrupting the loading of games on his ZX Spectrum 48k computer you could actually get in to the source and make a myriad of changes 🙂 (read, unlimited lives, names, high score tables)

Next came the Commodore Amiga, this opened up a whole new world. Video titling, programming with AMOS, coupled with the Datel Electronics Action Replay, nothing was safe.

Ironically, the next move was to programming the Psion range of organisers, (series II and series 3) which was designed and developed by Psion who started out writing software that was used on the Spectrum – this included games such as Scrabble.

Showing a keen passion for mobile devices, aged 17, I was brought to Australia to head up the service centre for Psitech, the distributor of Psion in Australasia. One of the distributors introduced me to Visual Basic 1.0 and I started writing code for the early adopters of Microsoft Windows. The first error message encountered was “unable to find vbrun100.dll” when trying to show the boss at the time a cool new app.

Over the years, many operating systems have come and gone. In fact a number of development environments have too. One thing that remained a constant has been my ability to identify the problem, and then design a solution. The adage states; a problem well stated is a problem half solved.

As well as being a published video instructor at WintellectNOW, I have also a feature author in “Wake Up, Live the life you love: Living in the Now” (view here)

To date a wide variety of solutions have been developed for different markets and corporations including: British Telecom, Real Time Developments, Gordonstone Mining Corp, Papua New Guinea Government, New Guinea Electrical, Morse Computers, Buildsoft, Facet Manufacturing Jewellers, Naskam, Impact Homes, ALDI, FSANZ, AEMO, TechLife, Stenhouse Lifting Equipment, Pristine Water Systems, BusinessCraft, RPF Builders & Qld Dept of Education.