The annoyance of Foxtel and error PE2005

Error PE2005

Firstly let me preface the following whinge with the fact that I know it is “my choice” to continue to pay for this service. At the same time, as a subscriber I feel the provider should be able to at least answer the question around the error.

For as long as I can remember, on ANY device I watch Foxtel on (Foxtel box, Samsung TV or LG TV) I get an annoying popup error: PE 2005.

Photo showing PE2005 error

No amount of research (or contacting Foxtel support) has allowed me to find a fix.

The first thing everyone claims is that my internet speed is a problem. This is the current Ookla SpeedTest result:

Ookla SpeedTest result

Given that even on WiFi the result shows over 500Mps that is more than sufficient to support the stream.

One other thing is that the error only ever displays during adverts. It never happens during a show. That fact alone to me indicates the issue is coming from the sender.

Another interesting fact was that when you search for PE2005 on the Foxtel website there

Whilst it wasn’t a fix, the Australian Whirlpools forum at least let me know I am not alone, instead I join a steady stream of disgruntled Foxtel customers putting up with an overpriced, poorly supported service.

If anyone has a magic fix or ideas that have worked for them, please drop a comment below this post.

Other resources I looked at to attempt a fix: