review: Dropbox – the bomb

I have been using Dropbox for a while now, just the cool little icon reminding me of service that keeps things ticking in the background, UNTIL today. During a coding session in xCode I found an unusual problem…

We *ALL* know that whilst using any application the most frequent button sequence is CTRL+S or COMMAND+S (mac), there is nothing more frustrating than a machine crash taking with it hours of work. However, this repetitive OCD did not save me today. I was working away in xCode. Midway through form design I inadvertently pressed the delete key to remove an erroneous label. I noticed sometimes I am required to press the fn+Delete key, other times just Delete would work. Well apparently if you press Delete, then Fn+Delete in on Interface Builder form there is no ‘Undo’ feature !!!

So, there I was, over one hours worth of design, frequent save, but the lot was gone !!!

Enter Dropbox…

It occurred to me that in the background Dropbox is backing up my files, so a couple of clicks….

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So after just a few clicks I was able to restore the version from 2 MINUTES PRIOR. Unbelievable.

I cannot rave enough about the power that Dropbox provides. It certainly saved me having to redo over an hours worth of design. Well done. I recommend it for every developers toolbox!

A worthy 10/10.