review: TaskPaper

I am always on the lookout for applications that can help me streamline the daily tasks I need to perform. In particular is list management. The problem with switching to a new list management tool is the time to get it set up, maintain it (usually with the last favourite at it’s side) and then work through all the issues and gotchas. Then I discovered TaskPaper by Hogs Bay Software.

A quick watch of the video and I was sold, I wanted to try it.

The approach used by the team at Hogs Bay is unique, there are no rows to deal with, no clunky check boxes and to complicated hierarchy. Instead, it is just TYPE, then depending on the Project, Sub-Project or task its simple matter of a – or a :

Identify Projects Easily

I have multiple task sheets set up, one main project list that contains an outline of projects, user stories, tasks. Then I have my daily planning sheet, goals sheet etc.

One of the nice things is the drill down facility, I can remove all the noise from the page by clicking on the project arrow.

No Noise

Having TaskPaper sitting on the task bar allows quick entry of new items as they come up.

Best of all, it sync’s seamlessly between my iPhone/iPad and MacBook ! even though I do not use the mobile devices for a lot of editing it is really nice to be able to read/review my lists whenever I want.

Review On The iPhone 🙂

In my opinion this product scores 8/10 – Well Done !