An extra $ix figures? – yes please

shutterstock_93462076A few months ago a friend of mine, Peter, asked me if I would try a fruity supplement for a week. Intrigued I said yes and happily took the small bottle of brown liquid from him.  What transpired after that was quite extraordinary. Obviously I didn’t just take the Kyäni product for a week, but from then on. I had more energy than before, better quality sleep and just felt amazing. I contacted Peter and asked him more questions about the product, which is when I found out about the business opportunities. Not only could I continue taking the range of products, but I could actually look to make some residual income from it. Couple of quick points here, I was not taking a food replacement product, and I was not on a ‘get thin quick’ scheme, nothing in my normal diet changed; I simply started to take a supplement.

There are so many people now that I have met and spoken with that have seen numerous health benefits from the Kyäni range, but it is too easy for people to just tell stories, so instead I invite you to do a couple of things…

  1. email me and I’ll send you a free sample to try for a couple of weeks.
  2. download the app to your mobile phone and watch the presentation
  3. click here and read all about it on my Kyäni website

Even if you aren’t looking to earn any extra money, the product is worth a try and you’ll energise your life.

If you are looking to create some passive income? spend a couple of minutes to download the app and review the video? there are $ix reasons to try!

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