An extra $ix figures? – yes please

shutterstock_93462076A few months ago a friend of mine, Peter, asked me if I would try a fruity supplement for a week. Intrigued I said yes and happily took the small bottle of brown liquid from him.  What transpired after that was quite extraordinary. Obviously I didn’t just take the Kyäni product for a week, but from then on. I had more energy than before, better quality sleep and just felt amazing. I contacted Peter and asked him more questions about the product, which is when I found out about the business opportunities. Not only could I continue taking the range of products, but I could actually look to make some residual income from it. Couple of quick points here, I was not taking a food replacement product, and I was not on a ‘get thin quick’ scheme, nothing in my normal diet changed; I simply started to take a supplement.

There are so many people now that I have met and spoken with that have seen numerous health benefits from the Kyäni range, but it is too easy for people to just tell stories, so instead I invite you to do a couple of things…

  1. email me and I’ll send you a free sample to try for a couple of weeks.
  2. download the app to your mobile phone and watch the presentation
  3. click here and read all about it on my Kyäni website

Even if you aren’t looking to earn any extra money, the product is worth a try and you’ll energise your life.

If you are looking to create some passive income? spend a couple of minutes to download the app and review the video? there are $ix reasons to try!

Use the referral code : teamusher

Welcome to the Dark Side: Using XtraReports in Innovative Ways

ReportsIn a couple of weeks, Julian M Bucknall and I will be showing how to use DevExpress XtraReports by thinking outside the box. In a live webinar, we will create a report based on some POCO collections as well as a web service. Then we will take a look at how to bind different reports to create a final output including page numbering.  There are a number of ways to display reports depending on your project type, so it would only be fair to show off all the options.

Sometimes a data-bound report doesn’t quite fit the requirements, what should you do in that scenario?  How about pushing your data out to a Microsoft Word template? See how easy that is with the XtraRichEditControl and a couple of lines of code, and of course no demonstration would be complete without a look at SnapReporting.

Why not Join Julian and I for an hour of fun and fact finding, just click on the link below and register your details.

Support My Ride to Conquer Cancer

Support My Ride to Conquer Cancer

The Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer is a cycling journey throughout Queensland’s scenic countryside that I’m embarking on to fight cancer. It will be a challenge in a number of ways, but with my bike, my helmet, and your generosity, a real impact will be made!

Contribute to this history-making event with a donation. Funds raised will support breakthrough research, exemplary teaching, and compassionate care at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, a worldwide leader in cancer research and discovery and one of the largest research institutes in the southern hemisphere.

Thank you in advance for your help.

What’s involved in setting up ASP.NET security?

ImageWhat’s involved in setting up ASP.NET security? well it depends who you ask and what you want to do.  It is interesting to see that something so important causes many developers to stumble.  How do you set up a basic registration page? how do you maintain what roles or memberships a person has? how do you set a page to be secure?  Well, join me February 11 (EST) [which again means 4am for the Aussies, 7am for the Kiwi’s, 6pm for the Brits] for a fast paced, hard hitting webinar that takes you through some of the basic implementations of securing your ASP.NET website. Full details available here. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, the session will be recorded an put on the DevExpress Youtube channel as well.

100% DX – What’s New for 13.2

It’s no secret that I think an application should be built with one set of tools, I’ve been running the 100% DX challenge for 18 months now, so imagine how excited I am about the 13.2 release of the DevExpress controls!!! There are so many new things to be delivered it’s like Christmas came early. What’s more, I get the honor of sharing with the world all the newest products and features for our WinForms, WPF, and Windows 8 XAML toolset… I’m not going to give everything away today, but there are some exciting things coming, including enhancements to our grid controls across all three platforms, a Spreadsheet and PDF Viewer for WPF and so much more. Intrigued? Join me live December 2, at 10am (PST), that makes it 4am for the Aussies, 7am for the Kiwi’s and 6pm for the Brits. Even if you can’t make the live session, register so you can receive notification on the replay via YouTube.

Register here

Hello iOS World!

I remember writing my first mobile app for the Psion Series II, it started my passion for mobile devices. So it was no surprise to the family when I started writing apps for the iPhone all the way back in 2009. There were countless hours spent reading documentation, trying to get things to compile, and banging my head on the desk wondering what the strange language called Objective-C was all about. Apple have made it somewhat easier with advancements in Xcode & iOS (especially embedding Interface Builder), there have been some great tutorials written, as well as 100’s of books, but where should you start? The answer is WintellectNOW! I recently had the honour of producing a quick primer on ‘Building Your First iOS App with Objective-C‘ and for a short time you can see it for free 🙂 I would also encourage you to have a look at some of the other awesome videos on the site. Register and use the coupon USHER-13 and you can access *everything* for free for 14 days.

CodeRush: another reason CR > R#

Join Mark Miller, Rory Becker and myself demonstrating the power of CodeRush Templates, recently described as Snippets on Steroids. In this webinar, we will be taking a deep dive into how templates work, how to create your own templates within minutes as well as answering your questions. As usual it’s a tough start time for Aussies 🙂 but it will be available on the DevExpress YouTube channel later in the day. Register here Tuesday Oct 22nd @ 10am (PDT)