Evi – update sent for review :)

A new version of Evi has been sent to Apple for review, it will be available as a free update for all existing users. I was amazed at how quickly people jumped on the band wagon, the feedback from our initial release was amazing.

So, what’s new ?

– added support for landscape viewing on all screens
– added ability to delete files directly from Evi File Browser
– added ability to stop the ‘Sample Job’ from being created automatically
– added support for full description to be shown (no more truncating)
– updated artwork
– full support for ‘new iPad’ (crisp retina artwork)
– added ‘Jump To’ function which allows quick access to all HEAD1 entries
– added Labour columns when viewing in portrait mode

Landscape support was the most widely requested feature:

Keep the emails coming, lets continue the momentum and make Evi a well used, practical tool for viewing those estimates.