Relevance people !?

Ok, I understand there is money in advertising, I’m ok that some sites are funded purely by these funds. But shouldn’t they be relevant ?

On a recent visit to VB.Net Forums, I was greeted by some “older woman” in a skimpy black top, breasts prominent, pained look on her face with a caption “Meet older woman for dating”, ignoring the grammatical issues, I found it difficult to see the relevance of the advert on a tech site, I mean, “hmmm.. I have a coding issue, so lets go ask for help, oh, and whilst I’m there why not see if I can find a love interest as well.”

I think it would be much more appealing to see ads targeting the specific audience, tool vendors, training courses, gadgets and such. Since the site is aimed at developers, I’m pretty sure we all know how to use Google to find dating sites if we wanted to !

Relevance people !?

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