I’m DXcited !

And so begins a new chapter…

Evident in the pages of this blog is my passion for cool tools, with a definite bias towards the DevExpress tool set. Well today, I am proud to announce that I loved them so much I joined the DevExpress team as a Technical Evangelist for Asia Pacific. In other words I get to tell lots more people how cool the tools are 🙂

There is so much happening in the developer community at the moment, such as Windows 8, Surface, Mini iPad, iPhone 5, DXTREME, DXv2 12.2, its a great time to able to share my knowledge with people and help teams prepare for the next big phase in our ever evolving industry.

So does this mean the ‘Keeping IT Real’ blog will stop ? – NO, it may be quiet for a little while, but there will always be something to talk about. What I would encourage you to do though is also frequently visit my new blog home… DevExpress.Paul

For those that haven’t heard it mentioned yet (where have you been hiding?), check out the new DXTREME product suite introduced on September 17th, it is one of the coolest things to hit your IDE since CodeRush.

I plan on doing a couple of discovery videos to help demystify multi-channel development, so stay tuned.

A big thank you to all those people who have helped me reach this DXciting new chapter, and a definite big thank you to Dave Mendlen for the chance to work along side some of the smartest, geekiest, coolest people on the planet !