DevExpress 14.1 – the Good, the Great and the downright Cool!

This is not the first time I have participated in a major product release during my time here at DevExpress, but I still can’t help getting caught up in the excitement surrounding our twice yearly launch (let’s not get into a debate on biannual vs biennial).

The focus is on becoming a UI Superhero and delivering amazing user-experiences across .Net platforms and next-gen mobile devices.


Just when you think there are no more features to add into the toolbox, the boffins decide to prove you wrong, again! 14.1 contains new controls across ALL the technologies supported, over the last few weeks, the teams have been providing teasers on what we can expect in this drop.

Here is a quick snapshot:

WinForms: 9 new controls, 11 major controls enhanced
WPF: 4 new controls, 2 new services and 8 major controls enhanced
Win8/XAML: 4 new controls, cool new features added to grid control
ASP.NET WebForms + MVC: 3 New Controls, 8 sets of enhancements

The list goes on.

My favourites have to be

1. The ASP.NET Report Designer (CTP)
Create and edit XtraReports right in your browser 🙂



2. PDF Viewer enhancements
Page Rotation, Deletion/Extract and Merge functionality 🙂


For the first time ever, there is going to be a 24 hour live webinar leading up to the launch, this will feature all your favourite speakers, Seth, Amanda, Mehul, Mark, Don, Rachel, Julian, Amy, Areg and of course me 🙂

For the rest of the week, key team members will be presenting the “What’s New in 14.1” webinars to ensure you get to see the best features in all their glory. Click here for full details on all the webinars.