DevExpress v19.2 Released

Before you know it, we’re in the back end of October. It’s time for DevExpress v19.2 to drop, and it has!

Every single platform has received love and attention in this release, including new offerings like the WinForms Gantt Control and the SvgImageBox. or maybe you’re ready to play around with our cutting edge Blazor components?

There are certainly too many items to try and list here but a full breakdown is available

There is obviously noise around Microsoft .NET Core 3.0 and that’s okay because we have a number of products available for WPF, WinForms as well as Web, Reporting and Dashboards. More information is available in Julian’s blog.

If you’re an existing subscriber simply log in to your account and access the latest installers via the downloads page.

If you are just curious about all the fanfare and want to see why DevExpress products are used worldwide, then download a free 30-day trial or check out the online demos.

Get the hear about the latest offerings across all our platforms by registering for one of the many webinars this week where Julian, Mehul, Don, Mark and myself will be presenting the new features and provide you with a chance to ask questions during the events.