Hello iOS World!

I remember writing my first mobile app for the Psion Series II, it started my passion for mobile devices. So it was no surprise to the family when I started writing apps for the iPhone all the way back in 2009. There were countless hours spent reading documentation, trying to get things to compile, and banging my head on the desk wondering what the strange language called Objective-C was all about. Apple have made it somewhat easier with advancements in Xcode & iOS (especially embedding Interface Builder), there have been some great tutorials written, as well as 100’s of books, but where should you start? The answer is WintellectNOW! I recently had the honour of producing a quick primer on ‘Building Your First iOS App with Objective-C‘ and for a short time you can see it for free 🙂 I would also encourage you to have a look at some of the other awesome videos on the site. Register and use the coupon USHER-13 and you can access *everything* for free for 14 days.