100% DX – What’s New for 13.2

It’s no secret that I think an application should be built with one set of tools, I’ve been running the 100% DX challenge for 18 months now, so imagine how excited I am about the 13.2 release of the DevExpress controls!!! There are so many new things to be delivered it’s like Christmas came early. What’s more, I get the honor of sharing with the world all the newest products and features for our WinForms, WPF, and Windows 8 XAML toolset… I’m not going to give everything away today, but there are some exciting things coming, including enhancements to our grid controls across all three platforms, a Spreadsheet and PDF Viewer for WPF and so much more. Intrigued? Join me live December 2, at 10am (PST), that makes it 4am for the Aussies, 7am for the Kiwi’s and 6pm for the Brits. Even if you can’t make the live session, register so you can receive notification on the replay via YouTube.

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