Alcohol Lied To Me

When I started the program 4 weeks ago we took some blood tests. The results were poor. The first set of numbers indicate a “fatty liver” and the iron levels are off the charts (Ferritin should have a max of 320)

Fast forward to today, just a few weeks in and look at the amazing difference. You can see the difference in the liver tests and already a big drop in the irons/ferritin, even the cholesterol is down.

Thank you Craig Beck

During my “Back to Health” program, I have been reading and listening to audio books about different aspects. The latest “Alcohol lied to me” by Craig Beck, is mind-blowing. Chapter after chapter it just resonated. I’m not going to start waging war here, but if you have every wondered about the effects of alcohol on our bodies or the thinking behind why we drink, then this is a must read. The impact was such that I started listening to it again.

When you consider my blood test results from the start of the program, liver function tests and uric acid levels, I was on a road to destruction. There is no two ways about it. Yet I was lying to myself, lying to my family. The bravado of how much I could “handle”, one chapter in the book talks about this in detail. I cannot believe I have tried to systematically over the years to destroy myself. All under the guise of “relaxing” or “fun”.

Staying focused

As I continue into week 5, I am more resolute than ever to continue in the lifestyle changes that have been made. Focusing on clean, healthy living with a whole food plant based diet.

Blood pressure is still stable and in the green range, weight is not dropping a lot at the moment, but there is a lot of conversion happening with the weight training, so I have to learn not to let the scales dictate. On the upside, I’m down another belt notch.

High blood pressure is a thing of the past

In summary

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