Step into certainty

It’s a universal truth that 2020 has been a year that will be recorded in the annals of history and talked about for a long time. There are a few keywords that get thrown around that I actually find annoying, “unprecedented” and “uncertainty”. I think the reality of living in our modern world is that a lot of things are unknown and never been done before. In my lifetime already we had the invent of mobile phones, the internet, and so many technological advances it makes your head spin. One could argue that the uncertainty aspect is also a bit of smoke and mirrors. Nothing is promised or guaranteed any way. Maybe it takes a virus to help bring that home.

Finish 2020 Strong

One thing I’ve looked upon for many years was a phrase that would remind me, the future is not yet set and that the difference between me today and me in five years time would be the books that I read, and the people that I meet. Around 10 years ago while reading, I was introduced to an amazing man who helped me achieve so many things. Gary Ryan Blair, aka The Goals Guy. Gary ran a program (actually still does and it’s one of the reasons for this post, so keep reading) called the 100 Day Challenge. I’ve now participated in it a number of times, and I’m signed up again for a strong finish to my year.

The more I thought about how I want 2020 to finish, and how I’m determined not to let the nightmare of Covid 19 steal my dreams and desires, the more I realised it would be remiss of me to share that opportunity with as many people as I can. So friends, if you would like to step into certainty, take control of the last 100 days of the year and finish stronger than ever before, I implore you to join the program, to be held accountable and to prove that now, more than any other time in human history do we have the collective strength and power to make a difference.

Love and light 💕