Typemetal & persistance

A few years ago I came across a small app that promised to make writing blogs directly on the Mac easier… The idea of not having browser hell going on and the ability to jump in and out of drafts as I wanted appealed to me. Enter TypeMetal. For a while all was good in the universe. Then, as the famous lyrics claim “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. Between a series of MacOS updates and my disappearing from the blogging scene TypeMetal disappeared… I was disappointed one day when I went to look for it in the AppStore, it wasn’t there, no sign. I even posted a Tweet at the time.

Not often you get replies after 10 months!

A welcome reply was showing in my Twitter notifications mid April 2022, with a somewhat cheeky response “Not dead. Just resting.”. That was the start of a fun journey back into the world of blogging and TypeMetal.

Kudos to Troy @ Coherence Labs, not only for reigniting the love back into TypeMetal, but for the amazing and consistent support he has provided while working through the initial quirks of releasing a major upgrade. In my experience there are not many software companies that take initial feedback to heart so quickly and are happy to work with you to get a resolution.

My first problem was related to connecting to my WordPress blog, hosted by WordPress but using a custom domain. Through a series of unfortunate events no amount of tweaking would get me connected. Ironically, the main issue was a problem with JetPack and nothing to do with TypeMetal. But through the ordeal Troy delivered a beta version that addressed some issues and improved the sync process greatly.

Long story short… TypeMetal is back! and it’s a great tool to use for blogging, I’m excited to be back in the writing space and using software that has been built with love and dedication and persistence. Now if only I could learn all the features quickly so I can do it justice.

I highly recommend checking out TypeMetal: link to the AppStore here https://apps.apple.com/au/app/typemetal/id647212021?mt=12